E-Chat Gift Cards

For Loved Ones – Feeling alone, Grieving or Stressed

The E-Chat Gift Card provides counselling, consultancy and can signpost loved ones onto local or online services (free or private), so they can continue to get support.

Imagine if you could help more…Well now you can!

Give them the most meaningful gift there is….the Opportunity to Feel Better! The E-Chat Gift Card is a chance for them to talk through their problems with a qualified counsellor via Private Messaging, Text or Email.

A chat with someone who provides a listening ear and appropriate support can provide a pivotal moment A simple chat can raise the magical potency that dwells in beginnings, the force that protects us and helps us to live a healthy life.

Gift Card Choices

Private Messaging, Text or Email

A 50-minute session: £50.00

Block of three 50-minute sessions: £135.00

Block of six 50-minute sessions: £240.00

 What happens once you’ve purchased the Gift Card

  • On purchasing your Gift card, you receive an automatic Thank You from us at WhereToTalk Talking Therapies.
  • Within one working day we will email you to choose from the following information:

1. A personal message to be added to your Gift Card
2. No message required

  • On receiving the requested information, we will deliver the Gift card within 24 hours with a reference number on it that enables the Gift card receiver to redeem the Gift card and use the service.
  • A Sample E-Chat Gift Card here
  • As a professional service, the reference number allows for a level of anonymity.
  • The session/s are strictly confidential between the client and counsellor.
  • The Gift card is valid from the date of purchase for one year.
  • Give a loved one the opportunity to talk about what they’re struggling with, and receive a reflective, compassionate and appropriate response!
  • Give them the opportunity to be empowered and move forward through their current difficulties!
  • Give them the most expressive and meaningful gift there is!


Terms & Conditions

  1. The client has one year from the time of purchase to contact WhereToTalk and engage with their counsellor.
  2. This Gift card applies to one person per session.
  3. The Gift card can only be used by the same person and with the same counsellor.
  4. Gift cards are unfortunately not a refundable item.
  5. The Gift card does not suit those who have complex mental health issues. If their counsellor believes that their client is at immediate risk of harm to self or others, they may share the client’s details with professionals who can provide appropriate support.
  6. The client is not tied down to a contract and can choose to leave at any time.
  7. At the end of the session/s, if they would like to continue meeting with the counsellor, they will offer this provision, or signpost them to other services (free or paid for / local or online), so that they can continue to get support.


'Securing Public Trust'