Zoom Video call is seeing record usage since the coronavirus outbreak!


With more people recently wanting to meet online rather than face-to-face, (possibly due to Coronavirus) we all need to consider online practice alongside our face-to-face work.

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Article on Zoom’s Video increase

Coronavirus outbreak increases demand for Zoom Video remote work tools, says CEO

  • “I had to shut down my phone, because, actually, almost everyone is calling us,” given the coronavirus, Zoom Video Communications CEO Eric Yuan said.
  • “If you cannot travel … you need to have a very reliable secure tool like Zoom” and product usage “is very, very high since the last of the month, last week. Almost everyday, that’s a record usage,” the founder said.
  • “Ultimately, almost every company, they need to have a tool like this. I think that based on IDC estimates by 2023 that’s a $43 billion market,” he said.
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