Counselling Online Guide

Counselling Online

Imagine working from home, and achieve the lifestyle you want!

Imagine having the opportunity to meet many more clients!

Imagine being able to earn more in fewer hours!

The Counselling Online Guide offers you these opportunities!

Self-directed learning in the comfort of your own home and in your own time!


The Counselling Online Guide – £29.99

Ten modules (below) covered in this 54 page Counselling Online Guide



  1. The Basics of Online Practice
  2. Video Call Therapy and Software
  3. Email Therapy and Messaging Therapy
  4. Extra Consent Text, Sections and Forms
  5. Marketing your Online Practice 
  6. Profile Directories and Platforms
  7. Online Visual Resources and Self-Help Apps
  8. Before Meeting a Video Call Client
  9. International Regulations and Legal Issues
  10. Evidence-Based Research that Validates Online Practice

1. The Basics of Online Practice

  • GDPR / HIPAA compliant software systems
  • Types of online communication mediums
  • Consider which insurance cover for online practice
  • Consider management software
  • The benefits of online therapy

2. Video Call Therapy and Software

  • What you first need to know
  • Skype
  • Most secure, free and paid for video call systems
  • General description of Zoom and Vsee
  • Zoom video call
  • VSee video call
  • Video call top tips

3. Email Therapy and Messaging Therapy

  • Convenience
  • Security and privacy
  • Email therapy
  • Messaging therapy
  • Does email therapy and messaging therapy work for everyone?

4. Extra Consent Text, Sections and Forms

  • Consent Form Sections (You’re permitted to use all the text here)
  • Privacy Policy in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • Clinical Will: An example of a ‘Clinical Will’ section

5. Marketing Your Online Practice

  • If you have a practice with no website
  • If you have a practice and website, but now want online clients
  • Consider potential clients

6. Profile Directories & Platforms

  • Difference between Directories and Platforms
  • The most preferred Directories and Platforms
  • List of regularly updated profile Directories and Platforms

7. Online Visual Resources and Self-Help Apps

Visual resources to help you and your online clients work together online.

  • Genograms
  • Feelings Wheel
  • Combined Care and NHS Link to Approved Self-Help Apps

8. Before Meeting a Video Call Client

  • Choosing Wireless Connection or Wired Connection
  • A few other important things to consider

9. International Regulations and Legal Issues

  • Meeting overseas clients
  • Global regions and their countries

10. Evidence-based research that validates online practice

  • Research Reports, Videos and Case Studies

The Counselling Online Guide – £29.99

Important to Note

There are no UK statutory regulations or law stipulating that training or certificates are required for online practice. However, it’s wise to understand the ethical and legal issues as well as the practical concerns related to online practice, in order to keep you and your clients’ safe online.


“I’ve learnt so much and in my own time, things that I hadn’t thought of before, especially some of the legal bits of working with my overseas clients”


“As I’ve only worked face-to-face and local, I feel confident now and have started some online work, thank you”


“The most interesting for me was the marketing part of it, not only how to get my current clients to meet with me online but how to find new online clients”


“This guide was just what I needed, a quick and easy way to get hold of all the extra information for my client consent form before I start online, things that protect me as well as my clients, thanks so much”


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