Placement GAIN Service

Helping you secure your placement

Does securing a placement feel like an insurmountable task? If so, our Placement Gain Service is here to help you!


Service Fee – £25.00

The Placement Gain Service provides you with:

  1. A comprehensive list of placement providers (charities and other organisations) in your preferred locations. Your town/county and any location you are able to travel to
  2. Seven Top Tips to help you secure a placement
  3. A personalised service tailored to your needs


How the Placement Gain Service Works:

  1. On receiving your order and payment, you will receive confirmation of your purchase within 1 hour.
  2. We will email you for the following information within one working day:
    1. Your name and your email address.
    2. Your location for placement purposes, the town, county and any location you can travel to
  3. On receiving the requested information, we will deliver the Placement Gain Service (as detailed above) tailored to your needs within 24 hours.


Service Fee – £25.00

With the lack of placements available, it’s important to know where to look and be there first – don’t miss out!



In the midst of the uncertainty, regarding sourcing and securing a placement to complete my 100 hours. Zara from Where to talk was a voice of reassurance, support, advice and guidance, that allowed me to successfully gain, more than one placement!


Thank you again ever so much for the contact information provided. It really has been a life saver! I’ve been really struggling to find anyone locally based who could take me on as a student. I was becoming quite desperate knowing I now only have 18 months to complete 100 hours before Viva. As a consequence I’ve secured a placement.

With all best wishes


Hi Zara,

This is amazing help Zara, thank you so much! I am going to get in touch with them all today, fingers crossed!

Best wishes,


Hi Zara

Thank you so much for this. Means a lot to me. I will crack on and let you know how I get on.

Thank you again.


Terms & Conditions

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  • You have undertaken to make available to us the information necessary for the compilation of the service.
  • We will compile the current list of placement providers based on the information given to us by you.
  • We will use reasonable skill and care in the preparation of the list of placement providers, but will not be responsible for errors arising from incorrect or incomplete information supplied by you.
  • You agree that if our performance of our obligations under the contract is prevented or delayed by you, we shall not be liable for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by you that arise directly or indirectly from such prevention or delay.
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  • A contract for services is completed when we have finished providing the service.

Intellectual Property Rights

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