Counting the Counselling Online Guide E-book towards CPD Hours


Reading an E-book is counted as self-directed learning and a recognised CPD activity

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Professional Membership Associations for Counselling and Psychotherapy acknowledge that hours engaged in self-directed learning i.e. a reading activity is difficult to count towards CPD, and therefore this would be ‘an approximate value’.

Question: How do you count or measure ‘an approximate value’?

Answer: The focus should be what you have gained from the activity, in other words, the outcomes. It’s simply the way you write up your record of your E-book learning that reflects the success criteria.

Counselling E-books

Using our Online Counselling Guide as an example, the success criteria is the new knowledge and skill acquired that prepares you for practicing with clients online, how relevant it is, and how it helps you to stay safe and secure with clients online (ethical and legal regulations).

Counselling Online Guide E-book

The success criteria in terms of Personal Development for Online Counselling/Therapy:

  • Knowledge from evidence-based research as well as practical skills that will improve your present online practice, or prepare you for a future role as an Online Counsellor/Therapist.
  • Relevance in terms of learning about the most secure technological software to use (i.e. video call systems, management software etc.).
  • Relevance in terms of acquiring the appropriate legal documents (Consent Form /Privacy Policy etc.)
  • Relevance in terms of working across countries with overseas clients and the specific legal regulations.


Counselling online Guide E-Book.The Counselling Online Guide