Imagine knowing exactly where to find a placement that’s right for you.


Trawling the internet for placement providers is a time-consuming task.

While the stress of being rejected or not getting a response is quite a knock to your own sense of self.

There’s also a risk and ongoing concern that you’ll need to apply for an extension to your course.

This means a delay in qualifying within the arranged time schedule, simply due to the lack of client hours.


Gain Your Counselling Placement


However, you’re here because you believe that you deserve a valued and meaningful career, and that’s why we’re here to help.


My Own Placement Story

During training I had a lot of problems with 450 client hours to collect over 3 years (Counselling Psychology Doctorate).

I had to find a wide range of placements, nine in all across my county, but thankfully most were local.

These included charities, GP surgeries, NHS hospitals, schools and one youth offending team.

So I know how stressful it can be.


The Placement Gain Service (PGS)

I also support the campaign for paid counselling jobs and added a Paid Jobs Page to WhereToTalk in 2017.

Consequently, I now have a vast experience in sourcing all kinds of counselling and therapy positions within UK organisations.


PGS  offers placement providers that help you to:

  • Find your local placement, plus your preferred locations and hours/time slots.
  • Gain client hours across a range of demographics and specialist areas, plus the more unusual placement providers.
  • Consider placements within more risk and security conscious charities, and therefore covert and difficult to find, but nevertheless possible to access.


A Placement Gain Service will:

  • Reduce your time of trawling the Internet
  • Avoid any delay in your qualification time-schedule
  • Reduce your stress
  • Allow you to plan your placement ahead of time


If you need some help and want to know more about this service, drop me a line about your placement concerns, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.