Preparing For The Return To In-Person Therapy  


Meeting Clients In-Person 

There are key steps to be taken before returning to  face-to-face sessions. These steps include the initial considerations for In-Person sessions to arranging the room, and from the the Therapist-Client Agreement Form to meeting your client for that long awaited session.

Covid Free Therapy Room


Initial Considerations for In-Person Sessions

 How to Arrange a Covid Free Therapy Room

 NHS Track and Trace

 UK Government Guidelines

 Covid 19 Safety Measures Agreement Form

APPENDIX: “Staying Covid-19 Secure” Poster Link

Preparing for a Covid Free Therapy Practice for 2021

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This Guide also  includes UK Online Training Comparison Prices.

Meeting Clients Online

Meeting Online Clients

There is NO UK statutory regulation or law stipulating that training or certificates are required for online practice by qualified counsellors.

However, it’s wise to understand the practical, ethical and legal differences, and so we’ve compiled the Online Training Comparison Prices.

For more information: The Covid Free Therapy Room 2021 


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