Are we embracing a new way of working?

A survey carried out by Therapy Meets Numbers: May 11th 2020


Respondents to the survey
About the survey

The survey explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is currently impacting on therapists in private practice. Given the rules in force on social distancing, maintaining any level of ongoing contact with clients is requiring those of us ‘non-essential’ practitioners to find alternatives to seeing clients face to face. This development is one that some of us may be better prepared than others to face. Hence, our questions focused on three main areas:


1. Before the pandemic

How have practitioners been providing therapy, specifically across face to face (F2F), phone and online modes? What are practitioners views of the relative effectiveness of each of these modes, and what are their attitudes towards them?

2. Since the pandemic

Are respondents continuing to practice, and if so, in what ways? What proportions of F2F clients have they been successful in migrating to phone or online modes? How have they and their clients experienced the transition, and has it been more or less challenging that they anticipated? Having made the transition, to what extent have attitudes towards non-F2F working changed?

3. In the future

What has happened to new client enquiries and referrals, both private and via EAP’s? To what extent have referrals via each channel increased or decreased? Are respondents now more or less optimistic about their professional futures than previously, and what informs this view?

In all, we received 161 responses to the survey, 152 of which were from practitioners within the UK. The results are summarised below.

A total of 161 practitioners responded and we are hugely grateful for their contributions and perspectives. This blog presents the full results of our survey, and updates the interim results which were published in an earlier blog dated 16 April 2020.

It is fitting that we properly value respondents’ contributions and the stories that sit behind them. Thus, we have reproduced their text-based responses in full in the closing sections. The first section provides a brief outline of the survey structure, followed by the survey results.


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