UK celebrities revealed as never before! Check out the reality series titled ‘In Therapy’! 


The latest celebrity filmed whilst in therapy was Nikki Grahame and televised on August 3rd 2017.

While other celebrities filmed include:

Katie Price, Calum Best, Daniella Westbrook, Gemma Collins, Katie Katona and Coleen Nolan.



Location and Therapist 

The therapist is Mandy Saligari while she practices in her London office.


The ‘In Therapy’ Process 


The ‘In Therapy’ process combines the privileged intimacy of a therapeutic relationship with interviews from closest family and friends.

They offer us unique access to their private lives as they reveal their deepest thoughts & feelings.

Aspects of childhood are explored.

As a result, the celebrities become aware of past experiences that they had little control over but struggled with, while growing up.

In addition they talk about experiences as an adult.

They talk about things like love affairs, infidelity, divorce, abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, fame, media courtship, and bankruptcy.

We watch them confront their problems, grow in the process, and become more effective in their lives.


Removing the Stigma


The prejudice against mental health problems can be just as disabling as the problem itself.

Due to this discrimination, people avoid therapy and risk limiting their achievements and personal goals.

Celebrities are encouraging others to take care of their mental wellbeing and help to remove stigma. They show that it’s a sign of strength rather than weakness to ask for help.


Benefits of Talking to a Therapist 


Talking to a therapist or counsellor can positively rewire the brain. Due to this experience, it can help us find purpose, better handle life’s stressors and therefore improve our quality of life.

Finally and thankfully, more celebrities are helping to dismantle the mistaken notion, that therapy is unpleasant rather than beneficial.


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