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Coronavirus: Contingency Plan for Therapy Meetings!

So what’s the therapy contingency plan if and when self isolation/quarantine is needed?

Let’s imagine a scenario where you or your client needs to self-isolate/quarantine for 2 weeks or longer.

Well there’s no need to panic – We can create a therapy contingency plan to cover our client meetings.

You can send out to your clients the information below as a contingency plan:  

  1. The sessions can switch to an online safe and secure video platform
  2. We can still meet online at an agreed time.
  3. A secure payment link can be arranged.
  4. Weekly sessions can continue online for as long as you or me needs to.
  5. I will send you a brief Consent Form to cover online sessions.

Coronavirus Outbreak Increases Demand for Online Therapy

All the practical and legal implications are covered here  

The question your clients might ask and you can answer:

Why continue with sessions throughout this time?

  1. The things that brought you to therapy will still be there and we can continue working together on them
  2. Being in isolation/quarantine has its own emotional challenges… and I’m here to work with you through them.
  3. This might trigger (health) anxieties… and you may need to talk these through.

Either way, I’ll continue to be available via online meetings.

Online Counselling Guide

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