Counselling Online Training: Guide to Online Counselling


There are no UK statutory regulations or law stipulating that training or certificates are required for Online Counselling, Online Therapy or Online Coaching.

However, it’s wise to understand the practical as well as the ethical and legal issues related to online practice to keep you and your clients safe online.

I’ve had so many counsellors asking about online counselling training and wanting help with starting up an online practice, so I’ve brought together all my knowledge and experience of online practice.

The Counselling Online Guide is practical, affordable, and for anyone who prefers self-directed learning.

Learning in this way means that this 10 Unit Guide allows you to reflect on each part of the course at your own pace, and start practicing when you’re ready.

Whether you want to work specifically online or alongside your face-to-face practice, this self-directed course gives you everything you need to know in order to feel confident in meeting with clients online.

Counselling Online Guide Content 

  • The Basics of Online Practice
  • Video Call Therapy and Software
  • Email Therapy and Messaging Therapy
  • Extra Consent Text, Sections and Forms
  • Marketing your Online Practice
  • Profile Directories and Platforms
  • Online Visual Resources and Self-Help Apps
  • Before Meeting a Video Call Client
  • International Regulations and Legal Issues
  • Evidence-Based Research that Validates Online Practice


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The Counselling Online Guide was created to inform current online practitioners

plus inspire others to consider practicing online.