An Escalating Workload Crisis for Teachers



Workload for teachers is nothing short of epidemic levels. The statistics are clear from the National Union of Teachers survey


  • 90% of teachers said they had considered giving up teaching during the last two years because of the workload.
  • 87% said they knew one or more colleagues who HAD given up during the last two years because of the workload.
  • 96% said their workload had negative consequences for their family or personal life.


Teachers Accessing the NHS for Stress

The National Education Union (NEU) reported that high workloads affected teachers’ mental health to the point where the situation can’t go on.

On-going research demonstrates that teacher workload contributes to poor teacher mental health.


The latest findings show that of 775 surveyed, 54 per cent reported poor mental health, with 52 per cent of this number saying their illness had been identified by a GP.



The Impact on Pupils

Three quarters of those surveyed by Leeds Beckett University believe their poor psychological and emotional conditions could have a detrimental effect on pupils’ progress

Eight in 10 respondents (81 per cent) said poor mental health had a negative impact on the quality of their relationships with their pupils.

Professor Jonathan Glazzard, of Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie School of Education echoes this view.

He says that the Government is focused on children’s mental health, which has been welcomed, but we also need to look at the mental health of teachers.

Workload is enormous with paper tasks such as inputting numbers into spreadsheets and trying to work out the mean prior to even thinking about any interventions!


The big question is what, if anything, can be done to take on this battle, every single day, with a growing in-tray.


What is Education Technology?


Education technology creates digital experiences using Apps. that are cognitively active, deeply engaging, meaningful and socially interactive within the context of a learning goal.


Education technology is ever evolving and there has been a revolution of sorts where Edtech is now being adapted to meet the needs of teachers as well as students.


How Can EdTech Apps. Help Lessen the Stress?


EdTech Apps. can radically optimise the time and efficiency of a teacher who is increasingly weighed down by an unsustainable workload.


With a click of a button, teachers can:


  • Collect valuable real time data on student performance and progress
  • Give teachers insight into the classroom.
  • Make the teaching process more efficient
  • Help teachers know each student intimately
  • Personalise their teaching
  • Deep-dive analyse in order to support struggling students
  • Allow teachers to change their teaching to address any issues



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