Employee mental health and wellbeing is evolving rapidly in the workplace due to the ‘Feel Better’ model. 

Employers increasingly recognise the need to support people with mental health problems.

Introducing ‘feel better’ factors at work has sparked a creative culture that goes beyond simple health and safety.

The focus is on good health as a business benefit rather than the traditional model of ill health as a business cost.

Finally, ‘feel better’ factors are practical ways of achieving high performing and resilient organisations as well as mental wellbeing.


‘Feel Better’ Factors Incorporated into the Workplace

  • Yoga sessions
  • Employee counselling sessions
  • Free healthy breakfasts
  • Rewards for cycling to work
  • Five minutes additional holiday for every return journey walked or cycled to work
  • Sabbaticals for staff with over five year’s service and flexible working conditions
  • Mindfulness
  • Pilates
  • Resilience training on how to manage stress and busy workloads
  • Regular updates for employees on mental health policy



The Mindful Employer


Smart employers are placing wellbeing at the heart of what they do in addition to profit marking.

The Mindful Employer incorporates ‘Feel Better’ factors into their organisation as much as health and safety because it makes sense..

First of all, due to a focus on mental health, the mindful employer indirectly introduces the importance of mental well-being at work.

Above all, it’s a way of making an open and noticeable statement of commitment to mental wellbeing.

Finally, it seems that employees feel happier, healthier, committed to their job, and above all valued.



An Example of a Mindful Employer 


Forster Communications is a PR agency that acts on mental wellbeing at work and promotes social change.

This company developed a wellbeing programme and mental health toolkit for employees.

They found that it almost certainly builds a culture in which mental wellbeing thrives alongside their business.

As a result, those employees who are wondering where to talk can access help and are supported at work.

Forster Communications Link




Launching in Autumn 2017!

A most noteworthy promotion from Fresh Thinking Labs.

Where To Talk supports their launch of  ‘The Good Work and Mental Wellbeing Lab’.



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