Peace of Mind Guide: What to do when someone dies

At the most stressful time in your life…..At that very moment, you’re asked to take on a mammoth task!

A task that you have never done before and know nothing about.

Registering the death and planning the funeral….

Counsellor Required (NHS): Tavistock, Devon

The Peace of Mind Guide is for the very recently bereaved person who needs key information, advice, emotional support and if necessary consultancy on the steps required in planning and undertaking this task.

It’s important to understand not just the practical and ethical issues, but also the government requirements and legal issues when someone dies.

Staff Counsellor (Intellectual Property Office): Newport, Wales

For example:

  • There are different procedures for when a person dies at home and when a person dies in hospital or a hospice.
  • There are certificates to acquire (Who to contact)
  • The death needs to be registered (Where to register)
  • The funeral needs to be organised (List of local funeral directors)
  • How to contact family and friends and what to say (Appropriate language)
  • Multiple government departments need to be notified (Which ones)
  • Probate is required (if not already acquired) – (How to acquire Probate)

Then there are other companies and people you may need to notify, but the Peace of Mind Guide will take you through all the steps.

Lastly, look after yourself during this difficult moment in time,

The Peace of Mind Guide offers bereavement support and counselling.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but the Peace of Mind Guide will help to take some of the weight off your shoulders

Counselling Coordinator Required: London


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