Text Therapy / Counselling: How Does it Work?


  1. Once you have contacted me with a request for text or email therapy, we can arrange to set up a session.
  2. This might be a simple 50 minute Consultation or 50 minutes of Therapy / Counselling.
  3. You can begin to send messages describing your problem/s and what you are struggling with right now. These will be things you want to work through.
  4. You can choose between exchanging messages in real time which is a ‘live text’ session and called ‘synchronous’
  5. There’s also  ‘asynchronous’ which is unlimited messaging where you can text me anytime. I may not be able to reply immediately if you text late at night or in the small hours of the morning, but I will usually reply within 24 hours. This lets you bring up issues whenever they’re on your mind.

One study among many here shows that evidence-based research validates text therapy


Exchange messages in real time (live text sessions): £50.00 for 50 minutes of Therapy / Counselling

Weekly Unlimited Messaging: £35.00 Weekly

Friendly & Confidential 

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Text Messaging Therapy