Are we giving young people devices that have the potential to become addictive?

Research into the effects of technology on young people found that moderate use of social media helped children to develop their social skills such as collaborate better with peers, and access help and emotional support more easily.



However, doesn’t constantly checking and flicking through stuff mean a withdrawal from the offline world?


Overall, I think the key phrase above is ‘moderate use’.



Digital Detox: Reconnecting Offline


Founder Tanya Goodin of the British digital detox company that specialises in ‘Time to log off’ retreats carried out a survey.

Of more than 500 young people aged 13 to 18. 29% spent more than eight hours a day online while 36% regularly fell asleep with their device in bed.


Have We Become Intolerant to Boredom?


Goodin’s survey also found that 67% of children went to their phone when bored and nearly 60% revealed they used their phone as a crutch in an uncomfortable social situation.


Are We Creating Anxiety & Depression 


There have been other social media studies that link posting photos with symptoms of depression while instagram can deepen feelings of inadequacy and subsequently amplifies anxiety.


Benefits of Social Media


So many learning opportunities for young people! 


Children’s games like ‘Musicality’ enhance creativity through sharing artistic and musical activities. Social media develops ideas from the creation of blogs, podcasts, videos, and gaming sites. It nurtures a young person’s identity and unique social skills.

Shared interests with others from diverse backgrounds also offer the opportunity for respect, and tolerance.

Very imp!…Social Media Enables Young People to Access Emotional support!

Where to talk about problems for children can be a problem in itself.

Childline now receives more online messages than phone calls for help.

Other online charities for young people such as ‘The Mix’ and ‘Young Minds’ demonstrate that they are much needed.

We therefore can’t deny the benefits of social media, particularly for children who seek emotional help when needed.


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