WhereToTalk reviewed as one of the best online websites for young adults to get “expert care” and guidance.

This article is written by the journalist, Sarah Graham January 12th 2018 for Betty Online Magazine.

“There are just so many options to choose from. So do any of them actually work? And, if so, how do you know which apps and websites are any good?

It’s all totally personal of course, so what works for your best mate might be totally useless for you, but here are some general rules to follow.

Digital services

There are the digital counselling services, where you can connect online with another human being for advice, support and guidance with whatever you’re going through.
This is most similar to traditional talking therapies, and many of these services come at a cost, but there are good quality free options out there.
One particular type isn’t necessarily better than any other – in fact, they can complement each other quite nicely; it just depends what you’re looking for.

Check out reviews

Although finding out what’s right for you is going to be very personal, chatting to other people about their experiences, and reading the reviews, can help give you a general sense of what’s good or not so good.

Seek expert care

One of the biggest challenges when picking out a mental health or counselling app is knowing which ones are legit.
If you’ve found an app that seems popular, or claims to offer what you need, take a look at their credentials first to make sure they’re the real deal.

Who is it made by – a team of psychology experts, or a tech start-up just jumping on the mental health bandwagon?
Does it have backing and input from qualified mental health professionals?

Your GP in particular may well be able to recommend an online counselling service that will suit you, or they may refer you for face-to-face therapy while you shop around for apps that can support you outside of those sessions.
You can also get more information, on both online and offline therapy options, from UK talking therapies guide WhereToTalk”


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