What exactly is a Genogram?

During my training, I was grateful that my supervisor introduced me to Genograms as they’ve worked well for me.

A Genogram looks similar to a family tree in that it’s a visual and graphic map that represents a client’s world, in other words, their relationships.

It’s the process of drawing up with the client all the relationships that the client has, or has had with family, friends, work, education etc.

Genograms For Visual Imagery

A Genogram has many facets, but above all it’s a symbolic drawing of the familial and social facets and the role they play today in how a client thinks, feels and behaves.

Essentially, it helps to make a client’s world come alive.

Genograms highlight emotional relationships, estrangement and enmeshment etc.

They’re long standing, tried and tested clinical tools, used mainly within health, psychology and genetics.

The first two sessions of counselling/therapy is about developing a therapeutic relationship alongside assessing your client’s issues and needs.

Drawing up a Genogram can be considered an important part of this tentative process.

Genograms have always been drawn up by hand, but these days there’s Genogram software.

Genograms For Visual Imagery

I personally still draw up Genograms by hand, but I chose to add ‘Genopro’ here (below) as it will give you more information..