Samantha Lee wrote the poem Boy to Man with Inner Child Theory in mind, it’s something she uses to help clients understand their issues. 


Boy to Man:

I’m looking in the mirror and reflected back at me
Is an Adult hearing voices of the Child I used to be
An Adult making choices based on echoes from the past
It’s wrecking my relationships, they never seem to last

I’m drowning in this grown up world, my actions leave me reeling
There are times I have no real clue as to what it is I’m feeling
An innocent remark can make me feel I want to cry
I’m a child who needs their Mum who’s never there to wipe tears dry

I’m a child who fell and hurt himself but no-one ever knew
The pain it caused back then and all the hurt that I went through
Beliefs I formed about myself back then never amended
My pain fell on deaf ears, left unresolved as childhood ended

So into Adulthood the damaged child creeps in unseen
To play out old reactions on repeat just like a dream
This Inner child takes charge and tries to manage adult strife
But his skills are immature, they just don’t work in Grown Up Life

He feels that he’s not good enough compared to all his friends
He doesn’t trust relationships, he fears they’ll always end
A damaged child who’s biggest fear is being left alone
To cope in this Big World without a place to call his home

I’m looking in the mirror and the grown man that I see
Is the key to heal this broken child, I need to set him free
To listen to his story and become the Mum or Dad
Who listens to his past pain, give the hugs he never had

To reassure the child that he is loved now he’s a man
To tell him that I love him every moment that I can
To let him grow inside of me, to never be alone
To love my Inner Child, give him my heart to call his home.

Copyright Samantha Lee 2020 –