When people ask me how I am I always smile and say
“I’m fine thanks, how are you?” and hope that sends them on their way
“I’m fine” is like a full stop, convo finished, move along
The person asking doesn’t really want to hear what’s wrong

If I reply “I’m fine” it’s ‘cos I don’t know how to say
“Well as you’ve asked, I’m having the most awful shitty day”
I don’t know how to say “I’m sad and don’t even know why,
But as you’ve asked, well some days all I do is sit and cry”

I worry that the person will then worry over me
And won’t know what to say and won’t know how they can help me
I find “I’m fine” is also good in helping fool myself
That I’m ok, There’s nothing wrong, I have good mental health

They say that FINE it stands for
I guess that’s true, I don’t tell anybody when I’m stressed
I don’t talk through the things that in the past have made me sad
They then build up inside me which is why I feel so bad

So if you have a tendency for all of the above
Find some way to talk to all the people that you love
They may well get upset at first and not know what to do
But together you can start to talk and find some help for you

One last thing to bear in mind when someone isn’t fine
Is that sometimes they go mute, they cannot voice what’s on their mind
They may no longer socialise, you may think they don’t care
So be the one to reach out, let them know that you are there

This poem was written by Samantha Lee

Copyright Samantha Lee 2020 – https://www.counselling4essex.co.uk/